World Kidney Day 2011

UKRO Participates in a Community Conference Presented by Building Bridges to Optimum Health

Problem: Kidney disease is one of the top preventable and treatable health concerns affecting our communities.

On March 10, 2011, UKRO participated in this day-long educational health fair, designed as a community dialogue to help increase awareness of kidney disease and mobilize communities to become active in the promotion of early detection and prevention. There were informative panels, plenary sessions, and small-group break-outs on a number of different topics, including Federal health reform and policies for kidney disease, eating healthfully in tough economic times, and managing stress associated with chronic disease. Presentations were made by kidney disease experts, community leaders, and persons with kidney disease.

The conference was sponsored by Healthy African-American Families II, the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science, the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and the RAND Corporation to educate stakeholders and provide an opportunity for participants to contribute to the development of interventions to improve prevention and treatment of kidney disease. The community benefits included:

  • Exposure to current data on kidney disease and treatment options
  • Information about community-based practices that support families affected by kidney disease
  • Chances for patients to tell about their experiences with kidney disease
  • Learning how to find health resources in various communities
  • Opportunities to sign up for post-conference activities focused on mobilizing the community on the issue of kidney disease

The conference took place at the California Science Center in Exposition Park and was attended by approximately 400 patients and families who have been affected by kidney disease, medical and social health professionals, community leaders, government officials and political representatives.

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