Vascular Calcification May Explain Link Between Kidney Stones and Heart Disease

New research suggests that blood vessel calcification may explain the link between kidney stones and heart disease. Vascular calcification is common in chronic kidney disease patients and puts them at high risk of cardiovascular death. Researchers led by Linda Shavit, M.D. of University College London Medical School and Israel’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center, used CT scans to look for abnormal calcium deposits in the abdominal aorta of recurrent kidney stone sufferers and healthy individuals. Those with kidney stones had higher incidence of calcification, as well as less dense bones. The researchers believe they have found an important connection between kidney stone formation, vascular calcification, heart disease, and osteoporosis. More research is needed to determine if treatments for osteoporosis and efforts to reduce vascular calcification could help patients avoid heart disease.


Blood Vessel Calcification May Put Kidney Stone Formers at Increased Risk of Heart Disease, ScienceDaily, January 29, 2015

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