Gut Bacteria Linked to Poor Health in Kidney Disease Patients

Scientists are only just beginning to learn the many ways our gut microbiota can contribute to both good health and disease. A research team from Belgium’s University Hospitals Leuven has uncovered a link between high levels of a gut bacterial metabolite called PAG (phenylacetylglutamine) and poor health in patients with chronic kidney disease. In their study of 488 CKD patients, they found higher blood levels of PAG in those with more advanced kidney disease. Those patients with higher PAG levels were at increased risk of cardiovascular disease and death.  The investigators hope to discover how toxic levels of metabolites cause illness and whether diet and drugs might combat the effects and improve kidney patient health and quality of life.


Gut Bacteria May Contribute to Poor Health in Patients with Kidney Disease, Medical Xpress, May 26, 2016

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