It’s important for people suffering from kidney disease to know they’re not alone. Here’s a list of today’s celebrities and athletes who have suffered from kidney disease.

Peter Burns, singer for the band, Dead or Alive, acute kidney failure caused by several kidney stones

Nick Cannon, singer, actor, suffers from lupus nephritis

Grizzwald Chapman, actor in 30 Rock, kidney failure due to hypertension, transplant recipient

Natalie Cole, singer, kidney failure after treatment for hepatitis C, transplant recipient

Lucy Davis, actress in The Office, kidney failure due to diabetes, transplant recipient

Aron Eisenberg, actor in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, born with one partially functioning kidney, transplant recipient

Sean Elliott, basketball player, suffered from FSGS, transplant recipient

Freeway, rap musician, kidney failure due to diabetes, waiting for a kidney transplant

Stephen Furst, actor, diabetic, transplant recipient

Jennifer Harman, professional poker player, hereditary kidney disease, two-time transplant recipient

Ed Hearn, baseball player, suffered from FSGS, three-time transplant recipient

Ken Howard, actor in 30 Rock, kidney failure caused by a misdiagnosed blockage, transplant recipient

Paul Hutchins, football player, FSGS, received double kidney transplant

Sarah Hyland, actress, suffered from kidney dysplasia, received a kidney from her father

Donald Jones, football player, IgA nephropathy, received a kidney from his father and is playing baseball post-transplant

Chris Kemoeatu, football player, hereditary kidney disease, received a kidney from his brother, also a football player

Jonah Lomu, New Zealand rugby player, kidney failure due to nephrotic syndrome, sadly passed away in November 2015 while waiting for another kidney transplant

George Lopez, comedian, hereditary kidney disease, transplant recipient

Scott MacIntyre, American Idol singer, family history of kidney disease, transplant recipient, now in need of another kidney transplant

Aries Merritt, Olympic hurdler, rare congenital kidney disease, transplant recipient

Tracy Morgan, actor in 30 Rock, kidney failure due to diabetes, transplant recipient

Alonzo Mourning, basketball player, suffered from FSGS, transplant recipient

Jeremy Newberry, football player, kidney disease caused by painkillers

Liam Payne, singer for the band, One Direction, born with partially functioning kidney

Pele, soccer legend, had a kidney removed in the 1970’s, recently underwent surgery for kidney stones

Phillip Phillips, singer, chronic kidney stones

Amy Purdy, athlete and actress, kidneys failed two years after hospitalization for septic shock, received a kidney from her father

Jon Rankin, Olympic athlete, FSGS

Bobby Rydell, singer, kidney failure caused by liver disease, transplant recipient

Neil Simon, playwright, suffered from PKD, transplant recipient

Clyde  Simms, pro soccer player, FSGS

Dayna Stephens, jazz musician, diagnosed with FSGS, in need of kidney transplant

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