Sanjeev Kumar, M.D., Ph.D. is a nephrologist-scientist, currently doing his postdoctoral research training under the mentorship of Professor Andrew McMahon, Ph.D., a world-renowned, pioneering developmental biologist and mammalian geneticist, at the Broad Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research, University of Southern California (USC).

After completing his medical school and general medicine residency (University of Bombay, India) he moved to London, UK, in the year 2000, where he undertook medical residency rotation in various London teaching hospitals. In 2004, he was awarded a National Training Number by the prestigious London postgraduate deanery for higher medical training (5-year training program, specialist registrar, SpR) in Nephrology and General Medicine. During the SpR training, a research training at the William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary, University of London, led to a Ph.D. examining the mechanisms underlying acute kidney injury. Subsequently, he undertook a Clinical Lectureship (SpR training and basic science research) in Nephrology at the Department of Nephrology, Royal Free Hospital and The Hatter Cardiovascular Research Institute, University College London and completed higher medical training in September 2011. In February 2012, he commenced postdoctoral training in the McMahon laboratory at Harvard Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology, Harvard University, and subsequently moved to USC with his mentor.

In the McMahon laboratory, his main research focus is to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms of kidney tubular cell regeneration and repair by coupling mouse kidney injury models to the state-of-the-art mouse genetic and cell-culture models. His research employs cutting-edge genetic tools to identify novel therapeutic strategies and targets that have the potential to hasten human kidney repair and recovery after kidney damage.

In addition to the distinctions and honors in various subjects in medical school, he was awarded the Dr. Palekar Prize for standing first in General Medicine MD degree course examinations (Bombay), and in 2008 was nominated for the Young Investigator Award at William Harvey Research Institute. Besides presentations at national and international scientific meetings, Dr. Kumar’s basic science and clinical research work has been published in peer-reviewed international reputed journals.

In the UK, he conducted regular bed-side clinical teaching sessions for junior doctors taking their Membership of Royal College of Physicians (MRCP) examinations. He was also privileged to be a member of University College London’s teaching faculty, composed of eminent clinicians/scientists; as a faculty member, he taught local high school students at their annual Science day with an aim to inspire them to pursue science and/or medicine.

Sanjeev Kumar is member and Diplomate of the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom and is a Specialist (Nephrology) on the General Medical Council, UK, register.