UKRO has co-sponsored two educational symposia in conjunction with the Keck School of Medicine at the USC Health Sciences campus.  These events brought together national experts in multiple disciplines to discuss cutting-edge research technologies and their application in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease.

The first of these events in 2006 – “Technological Advances in Kidney Disease Research” – was organized by the Division of Nephrology and the Graduate Program in Systems Biology and Disease at Keck and was sponsored by UKRO, Merck Inc., Dr. Manfred Mosk, and Suzanne Crowell. Researchers and clinicians presented the latest in proteomics, stem cell biology, renal imaging, and biomarker development. Read more about research findings from UKRO’s 2006 symposium.

Our 2008 symposium asked the question, “Is There an Epidemic of CKD in the US?” and explored the causes, cardiovascular consequences, and management of chronic kidney disease. Highlights of the session included French researcher Genevieve Nguyen’s, presentation on the pathophysiology of CKD. Read more about her research findings.