Researchers Use Normothermic Perfusion to Increase Success of Kidney Transplants

Scientists from Kidney Research UK have discovered a way to increase the success of kidney transplants from deceased donors by reviving the kidneys prior to transplantation using normothermic perfusion. Blood flow is reintroduced to the kidney via a special machine, effectively reversing the damage caused by storing the kidney on ice. The scientists believe kidneys treated with normothermic perfusion will perform sooner after transplantation, work better and last longer, with less likelihood of rejection.

This new treatment could increase the number of organs available from deceased donors. “Marginal” organs from donors with diabetes or hypertension or from donors who have suffered cardiac arrest are typically discarded, but this could change if the scientists are able to successfully revive such kidneys and assess their future performance prior to transplantation.


Revolutionary New Kidney Transplant Procedure, Medical News Today, March 8, 2012

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