Renal Denervation Lowers Blood Pressure for Patients with Moderate to Severe CKD

A team of researchers from Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute in Australia have shown that renal denervation, a new investigational technique to curb hard-to-treat blood pressure is safe in the short term for hypertensive patients with stage 3 to 4 CKD. Renal denervation uses radio frequency waves to deaden certain overactive sympathetic nerves in the kidneys, thereby disrupting signaling that can lead to high blood pressure.  Following the procedure, the patients in this study had lower blood pressure over a 12 month period. Estimated glomerular filtration rates remained the same after surgery.

Because overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system leads to worsening kidney disease as well as cardiovascular damage, the researchers believe renal denervation could protect the kidneys as well as the heart in some CKD patients. More studies, including those that explore the long term effects of the procedure will be needed to test their theories.


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