Faulty Gene Regulation Triggers the Kidney Disease FSGS

Researchers from the Clinical Institute of Pathology at MediUni Vienna have discovered a new cause for the kidney disease, FSGS. About half of FSGS cases can be explained by genetic causes or a circulatory factor in the blood, but until now, scientists have been unable to uncover the cause for the remaining 50% of cases. The MediUni Vienna researchers, in collaboration with an international team, have traced the kidney damage that occurs in FSGS to over-expression of a micro-RNA, miR-193a, in glomerular cells. This over-expression turns off gene regulation in the cells, leading to damage of the kidney filtration barrier.

The discovery uncovers a valuable new target for treating FSGS. In future studies, the scientists hope to discover the reasons behind the over-expression of miR-193a and ways they might prevent it.


Faulty Gene Regulation Triggers the Kidney Disease FSGS, Medical Xpress, March 20, 2013

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