UCLA Researchers Invent Portable Device for Common Kidney Tests

UCLA researchers have developed an ingenious portable device capable of conducting a common kidney test quickly and accurately at home or anywhere. The testing package, which includes disposable fluorescent test tubes, a smartphone app, software and an optical attachment, weighs less than a third of a pound and could cost around $50 to $100. The device can help assess kidney damage by measuring levels of albumin in the urine in about five minutes. Beams of light projected through a control test tube and a tube containing a mixture of urine and fluorescent dyes are captured by a smartphone camera. The resulting data, processed by an app, can be sent on to a database, physician, hospital, etc. The device would be ideal for monitoring a variety of patients requiring frequent lab work, including those with early CKD, diabetics or others at risk of CKD.


UCLA Researchers Invent Portable Device for Common Kidney Tests, ScienceDaily, August 23, 2013


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