New Research Findings on Diabetic Kidney Disease

A new study from the University of Washington reveals that though diabetic kidney disease rates have remained fairly stable in the U.S., the disease has changed course. While researchers found a lower prevalence of albuminuria, they were perplexed to find an increase in reduced kidney function.  – U.S. Diabetic Kidney Disease Rate Unchanged

A recent study has shown that a new class of oral diabetes drugs known as SGLT2 inhibitors reduces blood sugar levels and protects the kidneys. Researchers believe the drugs could also safeguard heart health for Type 2 diabetes patients.  – New Oral Diabetes Drugs May Also Protect Patients’ Kidney Health

Could kidney disease cause diabetes? Scientists from the University of Montreal Research Centre believe that toxic levels of urea could wreak havoc on insulin secretion in patients with chronic kidney disease. – Chronic Kidney Disease May Cause Diabetes

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