Keck School of Medicine News Flash

KRC Investigators Win Dean’s Grants

Congratulations to the KRC’s Dr. Eugene Lin and Dr. Zhongwei Li, both recipients of Keck School of Medicine Dean’s Pilot Grants. Dr. Lin’s grant recognizes his work studying the impact of Medicare Advantage on patients with end-stage kidney disease and Dr. Li’s grant will help support his revolutionary synthetic kidney project.

Nephrology Fellows Heading to Keck

Kudos to the five new nephrology fellows who will be joining the Keck School of Medicine’s prestigious and very popular fellowship program this summer. Fantastic news! The world definitely needs more nephrologists and kidney researchers.

USC Transplant Institute Hits Big Milestone

The USC Transplant Institute has reached an impressive milestone, performing 436 transplants in 2021, a new single-year record. More than 200 kidney transplants were performed at Keck Hospital, and 30 procedures were performed at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

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