Calcium image of in vitro renal glomerulus
Calcium image of in vitro glomerulus with attached blood vessel

Scientists are making great strides in the realms of stem cell research, genomics, proteomics, organ regeneration and generation. They are finding new ways to improve transplantation and dialysis, and treat complications of chronic kidney disease and ESRD. Interesting topics of study include hypertension, fibrosis, acute kidney injury, kidney stones, kidney podocyte cells, the Rac1 and Src genes, and the enzymes mTOR and Aurora A. We will continue to update this page as discoveries are made. Here are some of the most significant recent renal research breakthroughs.

Research News from USC

USC Researchers Use Nanoparticles to Target Kidneys

Diet Rich in Potassium Linked to Lower Blood Pressure

UKRO Research Project Update: The Role of Sox9 in Kidney Repair After AKI

Sox9 Gene Activates Healing Response in Kidney Cells

USC and UKRO Celebrate Kidney Research Center Opening

Janos Peti-Peterdi Wins Young Investigator Award

Dr. Alicia McDonough Presentation on Salt Transporters During Hypertension

USC Researchers Honored for Work on Hypertension and Novel Imaging of Podocytes

Stem Cell Scientists Lay TRAP for Kidney Disease

Exciting Research Partnerships at USC May Unlock Cures for Kidney Disease

Absence of Intrarenal ACE Protects Against Hypertension

UKRO Research Project Update: Succinate and GPR91 Play Role in Renovascular Hypertension

UKRO Research Project Update: Succinate and GPR91 Play Role in Diabetic Kidney Disease

UKRO Research Project Update: AngII as Target to Eliminate Hypertension

More Research Discoveries

Most Long-Term Type 1 Diabetes Patients Have Kidney Disease

New Polymer to Detect Early Acute Kidney Injury

ESRD Linked to Drinking Diet Soda

Researchers Isolate Human Kidney Progenitor Cells

Gli1 Stem Cells Could Stop Major Killer of Kidney Patients

New Research Findings on Diabetic Kidney Disease

New Kidney Stone Treatment Breakthrough

DASH Diet for Blood Pressure Protects Kidneys, Too

D-Amino Acids May Give Clues to Kidney Disease Progression

Early Warning Sign of Kidney Injury Found in Kids

Computer Modeling Points to New Drug Target for PKD

Inflammation Linked to Diabetes After Transplant

Smoking Poses Kidney Risk for African Americans

Gut Bacteria Linked to Poor Health in Kidney Disease Patients

Top News on Kidney Transplant Innovations

Do Female Hormones Protect the Kidney?

Clues to Inflammation and Damage in Diabetic Kidney Disease

Medicare Spending Billions on Chronic Kidney Disease

Reversing Diabetic Kidney Damage with IL-17A

Protein Could Prevent Kidney Failure in Alport Syndrome

Diabetic Kidney Damage May Start During Prediabetes

Cocoa Flavanols Could Protect Kidney Patients’ Hearts

Stem Cells that Form Kidney Blood Vessels Identified

Lower Blood Pressure Target May Save Lives

New Urinary Biomarker to Predict Kidney Disease Progression

Biomarker suPAR Predicts Chronic Kidney Disease

Reducing Calories Helps Mice with PKD

Protective Protein Works with Statins to Prevent AKI

New Kidney Disease Biomarkers Discovered

Mini Kidneys Grown in Lab Mimic Disease

Kidney Stones in Kids Linked to Hardened Arteries

Poor Kidney Function Linked to Brain Disorders

Study Uncovers Gene That Causes Kidney Cells to Self-Destruct

NSAIDs May Increase Kidney Disease Risk for Hypertensive Patients

Stem Cell Therapy Points to Acute Kidney Injury Treatment

Age-Related Cellular Signal Puts Kidneys at Risk

Zinc Levels May Contribute to Kidney Stones

Study Shows How Kidneys Protect Themselves from Inflammation

New PKD Treatment Targets Kidney Blood Vessels

Research Breakthrough in Fight Against Membranous Nephropathy

Scientists Discover How Renalase Protects Kidneys, Heart

Stem Cells and Anti-Scarring Protein May Help Heal Kidneys

Researchers Identify Protein Key to Kidney Cell Repair

Urine Test Detects Early Kidney Cancer

Mystery Kidney Disease in Nicaragua Linked to Occupational Factors

High Acid Diet Linked to Increased Risk of Kidney Failure for CKD Patients

Gut Bacteria Byproduct Linked to Chronic Kidney Disease

Vascular Calcification May Explain Link Between Kidney Stones and Heart Disease

Biomarkers Linked to Long-Term Kidney Damage, Death in AKI Patients

Defective Energy Production in Kidney Cells Key to Fibrosis and CKD

Researchers Tame the Inflammatory Response in Kidney Dialysis

Air Pollution Associated with Higher Rates of Chronic Kidney Disease

Rare Stem Cells Could Explain Origin of Fibrosis

Neo-Kidney Augment Phase 1 Trials Underway

Plant Extract as Treatment to Stop Lupus and Block Kidney Damage

Blood Test Predicts Tissue Injury in Kidney Transplant Patients with FSGS

Milestone Reached in Work to Build Replacement Kidneys in the Lab

Mutations in Gene Essential for Cell Regulation Cause Kidney Cancer in Kids

Top News for PKD Research

Cellular Signaling Responsible for Kidney Regeneration Discovered

Testing Fibrinogen Levels Could Lead to Earlier Detection of Fatal Outcomes in CKD

Gene Linked to Pediatric Kidney Cancer May Be Key to Kidney Regeneration

Scientists Develop 3D Printed Kidney to Simulate Kidney Cancer Surgery

Cutting Phosphate Early in CKD Reduces Deaths, Heart Problems

Abatacept May Help Prevent Kidney Disease Caused by Diabetes

Researchers Discover How Hypoxia Drives Kidney Cancer Progression

Fighting Kidney Disease with the Overlooked Omentum

Podocyte-Associated Talin1 Critical for Glomerular Filtration Barrier Maintenance

Targeting Parietal Epithelial Cells to Treat Kidney Disease

Researchers Generate Kidney Tubular Cells from Stem Cells

Mini Kidney Structures Generated from Human Stem Cells

Kidney Damage in First Responders Linked to 9/11

Repurposed Drug as First Targeted Treatment for FSGS

Citrus Fruit Compound Naringenin Could Prevent PKD Cysts

Hormones from Bone Marrow Stem Cells May One Day Treat Kidney Disease

Fighting Inflammation Key to Improved Survival in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients

Researchers Target Muscle Wasting in Chronic Kidney Disease

UCLA Researchers Invent Portable Device for Common Kidney Tests

Researchers Find Gene Variants Linked to Kidney Problems in Lupus Patients

Surprising Mechanism Discovered in PKD

Kidney Stones Tied to Raised Heart Disease Risk for Women

Urine Test Effective in Diagnosing Kidney Transplant Fibrosis

Dendritic Cell Therapy Improves Kidney Transplant Survival

Poor Maternal and Child Health Linked to Kidney Disease

Bioengineered Vein Implanted into First U.S. Dialysis Patient

Reprogrammed Kidney Cells May One Day Repair Damaged Organs

New Imaging Tool Unlocks Kidneys’ Secrets

Dramatic Decrease in Risk of Death for Kids on Dialysis

CKD Risk Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency

Scientists Bioengineer Functioning Rat Kidneys

Protein in Urine Linked to Life Expectancy

Smoking and Secondhand Smoke May Affect Teen Kidney Function

Being Overweight in Early Adulthood Linked to Kidney Disease

Faulty Gene Regulation Triggers the Kidney Disease, FSGS

Hemodiafiltration Could Cut Mortality Risk for Kidney Patients by 30%

Fish Oil May Protect Dialysis Patients from Sudden Cardiac Death

Researchers Discover Role of White Blood Cells in Kidney Inflammation

Japanese Researchers Grow Kidney Tissue from Stem Cells

Acute Kidney Injury on the Rise in the U.S.

Researchers Uncover Proteins Likely Linked to Kidney Cancer Spread

Blood Test for LDH Levels Could Guide Treatment for Kidney Cancer

Tolvaptan Slows Kidney Growth in PKD

New Version of the Drug Rapamycin May Be Future PKD Treatment

Race and Insurance Big Factors in Assessment for Kidney Transplant

Gut Hormone Protects Kidneys, But Not When Diabetes Is Present

Low Oxygen Could Protect Ailing Kidneys

Researchers Discover New Genetic Cause of CKD

Bariatric Surgery May Improve Kidney Damage in Type 2 Diabetics

Chronic Kidney Disease Brings Heart Attack Risk

Cardiac Biomarker May Predict Risk of Progressive CKD in Type 2 Diabetics

Clues to How Embryonic Kidney Maintains Stem Cell Pool

Infographic: Kids with Type 2 Diabetes May Be at Greater Risk of Early Kidney Damage

Researchers Find Brain Pathway That Regulates Renal Excretion of Sodium

Kidney Cell Transplants May One Day Be Used to Treat Renal Failure

Renal Denervation Lowers Blood Pressure for Patients with Moderate to Severe CKD

New Equation to Predict Risk of Death and ESRD for Patients with Impaired Kidney Function

ACE2 Molecule May Protect Against Diabetic Complications Including Kidney Damage

Genetic Mutations Linked to Childhood Kidney Cancer, Wilms Tumor

Researchers Use Normothermic Perfusion to Increase Success of Kidney Transplants

Stem Cell Treatment May Eliminate Need for Rejection Drugs in Transplantation

Stem Cells Could Boost Kidney Transplant Success

HIPK2 Regulator Protein Linked to Kidney Fibrosis

Amniotic Stem Cells Slow Kidney Disease Progression

TNF Proteins May Warn of Diabetic Kidney Disease Risk

New Kidney Disease Susceptibility Genes Discovered in Asian Genomic Study

Hydrogen Sulfide Reduces Glucose-Induced Injury in Kidney Cells

Blood Pressure within Glomerulus Influences Podocyte Survival and ESRD

UKRO Research Project Update: 3D Model of a Transporter Protein Mutated in Kidney Disease

Regeneration of Podocyte Cells Offers Hope for Kidney Patients

Scientists Discover Key to Podocyte Injury and Progressive Kidney Disease

Young African Americans More Likely to Die on Dialysis, More Transplants Needed

Potential Kidney Cancer Therapy Starves Cancer Cells of Glucose

Researchers Discover Cause of FSGS

Rac1 Gene Implicated in Salt-Induced High Blood Pressure

Src Gene May Be Key to Helping Kidney Cancer Patients

Dopamine Produced in Kidneys Critical to Maintaining Normal Blood Pressure

Bardoxolone Methyl Improves Kidney Function in Type 2 Diabetics

Pirfenidone Improves Kidney Function in Diabetic Patients

Cells That Help Protect Blood Vessels Work Better in Patients on Home Dialysis

PKD1 Gene Controls Development of Many Forms of Polycystic Disease

Researchers Identify Hormone Linked to Progressive Kidney Failure

mTOR Enzyme May Be Target for Preventing Diabetic Kidney Disease

Aurora A May Contribute to Polycystic Kidney Disease

High Fat, Low Carb Diet Improves Kidney Disease in Diabetic Mice

Cancer Drug May Help Stop Recurring FSGS in Kidney Transplant Patients

Anti-Aging Hormone Klotho Inhibits Kidney Damage

Researchers Find Genetic Clues to IgA Nephropathy

Gene Impacts Donor Kidney Survival, Could Increase CKD Risk

Kidney Stem Cell Breakthrough Provides Tool for Further Research

New Understanding of Kidney Gene Changes in Diabetic Nephropathy

Cell Therapy May Eliminate the Need for Transplant Drugs

UCSB Researchers Discover Drug Target for PKD

Scientists Discover Role of PVT1 Gene in Diabetic Kidney Disease

Research Breakthrough – Kidneys Grown in Lab in Scotland

Low Levels of Hormone Klotho May Be Early Warning Sign of CKD