UKRO spokesperson and kidney transplant recipient Valen Keefer speaks out about the need for more kidney disease research.


VALEN KEEFER: Imagine a time when scientists have found a way to prevent kidney disease. Imagine no more dialysis, no need for kidney transplants and no anti-rejection drugs. Chronic kidney disease affects 25 million American men, women and children and many are unaware that they have it. I imagine a day when children won’t have to suffer from polycystic kidney disease the way that I have. Thanks to the advancement in medical research and my successful kidney transplant, I am able to enjoy life and fight for our cause.

Please join me in supporting kidney research by donating to University Kidney Research Organization by going to Your gift will help fund research to prevent, treat, and cure kidney disease. I fight for a healthier tomorrow, not only for my family, but also for yours. Imagine the difference we can make. Thank you for your support.